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Paul and Patty Against the Poo (02)

In honour of international youth day, rushed out chapter 2…

follow… Paul and Patty on their adventures… (original story was set outside Nigeria so tweeking a lot… any new title suggestions?)

Mage of Binding Chapter 34: An unexpected encounter

What was most important were the locations where they thought people from Sabi Sect could be hiding.  There were a few spots within the Oshodi Kingdom in very dangerous locations but Nnenna noticed that most of the locations were outside the Oshodi Kingdom and to her horror, it seemed that even Nkeiru’s whereabouts was suspected. 

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Mage of Binding Chp 31: Frozen

The battlefield was frozen not because of the soldiers surprise and fright, of which there was a lot, but because Kayto had harnesses the spatial energy in the area to lock space. The guards were frozen in space at their last action and the arrows were still in midair. Even though the spatial lock only

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Mage of Binding Chp 30: Desperate Battle

Amaka felt her body shift and her perspective changed. Next she noticed that her armour had appeared right back on her body with her rapier and crossbow bolts on her waist and her crossbow on her back. The same thing happened to Obi as he was equally moved and  appeared back in his full plated

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Mage of Binding Chp 29: Misfortune at the gate

“So how are we going to get passed this massive city” Amaka asked. The group of three were in an abandoned barn with a rotten wood smell in the air and dirty straw scattered on the floor on the outskirts of the major city of Igbo Efon . The problem was any major city like

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