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Sacrifice in even the little things…

So as has become norm during this lockdown period, my family has enacted some habits and routines… We share mass together in the morning We have a weekly zoom call with my sister who is alone in the US We all come together to cook lamb Burritos… and I am the master of the Guacamole

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Mage of Binding Chapter 35: A glimpse of a dark future

“Finally, I have found someone with a similar affinity as me. The time element is a tricky one to manage. I have joined the visionscape and never found anyone move deep enough into the time stream to cause an encounter. However, our time is limited as you look to be fuel your ability internally which

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Mage of Binding Chp 22: The rising threat

Two days after Musa had left for his clan, Jide had just finished looking through his notes where he recorded his visions, when two figures stepped out of the shadows and approached the door of his room in the Warrior’s Hut. One of them reached for their throwing knives but the taller one stopped this

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