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Mage of Binding Chapter 56: The Might of an External Mage

Musa did not waste anymore words as he channelled his dark essence and entered the shadow path. He rematerialised behind Ubong already realising a back hand backstab with corrosive dark essence coating his blade. However Seun was responsive enough due to his pre-cognitive ability, so he instinctively drove the shield on his left hand backwards

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Mage of Binding Chapter 55: Old Friends and New Foes

Dropping her bow, Ubong rushed to Seun’s side and painstakingly tried to stop the bleeding in his left hand while screaming for help. The caravan crew had rich experience with battle and injury so quickly attended to themselves and came to assist Ubong with Seun’s wounds. When every injury had been dressed as best as

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Mage of Binding: Chapter 54 A Sprung Trap

Seun and Ubong had been avoiding capture for days. He was surprised at the strength of his new companion. She seemed to have more vigor than he did. And she was deadly with the bow and arrow. They had run into some scouts but she was the quintessential hunter, noticing the target first and shooting them down from cover…

Mage of Binding Chapters 52: Forming Teams

Over the course of the next few weeks, Nnenna was still in negotiations with the King of Oshodi. Currently, Nnenna was stuck in a meeting with annoying ministers who spoke for King Fola as royalty cannot be seen to haggle while Obi, Amaka and Amina were exploring the city under the ‘protection’ of the royal

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