Author: Professor Ez | The Bipolar Genius

The Lavish Life ?

Sorry missed yesterday’s post, hit was a long meeting filled Friday, actually even missed one of my meetings because of all that was going on but that is a story (or post) for another day, please find below yesterday’s post, enjoy… So there is old money and new money, there are designer brands and luxury

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As easy as ABCs… yeah right!

As I had promised, I wanted to share some money discipline tips, which I have learnt the hard way, so that your finances are secure, even if you never become Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. On the road the financial freedom, there are a lot of pitfalls that seem to be paved with the best

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What’s in your wallet?

I started this post initially with the intent to remind us about things we need to know to be financially stable and secure- or at least where to start. However, once I wrote the title I was immediately intrigued with the literal meaning of the phrase I “borrowed” from Richard Quest. What “exactly” is in

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