Author: Professor Ez

Sacrifice in even the little things…

So as has become norm during this lockdown period, my family has enacted some habits and routines… We share mass together in the morning We have a weekly zoom call with my sister who is alone in the US We all come together to cook lamb Burritos… and I am the master of the Guacamole

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Paul and Patty Against the Poo (05)

Chapter 5 “Good afternoon, Professor Abiola!”     “Good afternoon, class. I hope all of you have bought the handouts from the T.A. It is very important to pass my course!” Professor Abiola bellowed. “Last week we discussed…” As the lecture started, Shola whispered to Chi Chi, “Ejo, Chi Chi, don’t be annoyed. I talked to Professor

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Don’t just react… Act!

So my sister was telling me to put down my phone while eating and I immediately responded with ‘that is funny coming from you…’ Now my sister is almost always with her phone but usually she drops it when she is eating because she has great discipline… although there are times I have caught her

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